Automated Onsite Regeneration

What is PV Regeneration?


Etavolt’s advanced regeneration technology delivers effective LID mitigation and recovery, based on a proprietary combination of illumination, temperature, and regeneration time.


Maximise your PV assets, sustainably generate more solar power

Solar PV degradation. That’s a problem all PV asset owners encounter with time. But what if we told you that there was a way to reverse your PV assets’ degradation losses? Unleash the full potential of your solar panels with our regeneration solution. We’d love to help you harness more solar-generated electricity in a sustainable manner.

Save your time and money, cost-effectively maximise your PV assets

Already cutting costs, or even, profiting from your PV assets? Well, we can do you one better. With our regeneration solution, you could save and earn as much as you did when you first turned on your PV assets. Being an automated process, our regeneration will require less time and manpower. This means less time needed and costs incurred to get more out of your PV assets.

Avoid the hassle, conveniently regenerate your PV assets

We come to you. Our regeneration process is entirely onsite. This means that you can regenerate your solar panels without having to take them down and transport them someplace else. We like to leave things the way we found them. But better.

Hydrogen states manipulation technology for solar cells

Etavolt’s solar regeneration maximize power output and prolong lifespan of solar panels on field



Etavolt’s High Intensity Illumination based Proprietary technology

Easily portable for on-field application (no need to disassemble installed module)
State-of-the-art & first in the market
High scalability, applicable for cell and module level
Higher light intensity for better hydrogen charge passivation state control (higher efficiency recovery rate)
Provide best regeneration performance for LID
Proprietary IP ownership & technology refresh strategy
Validated Result Sub-module


Results / Performance/ Status

Regeneration on Degraded solar sub-module (6”), validated by Photoluminescence (PL) imaging.
Module power performance recovery >5% achieved


Monitored performance results from a commercial site (Kedah)

>10,000 solar cells processed with Etavolt’s regeneration & >1600 panels built and installed on field


Key benefits of regenerated solar arrays

More power over existing installed areas (+8%)
Higher initial performance & power
Long term stability
<20% of new system installation costs

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